the nudge

An award-winning, raw organic business plan, to get you on your
path to building the business you've been putting off for years!

a raw organic business plan

To tell my story is to tell the story of millions of women throughout the ages. If I can rise from the ashes, so can you... and you will!

 I wrote this book of my real-life experience to remind you that YOU are strong, worthy and valuable and to encourage YOU to pursue those big, wild and magnificent entrepreneurial dreams. This world needs changing and it is waiting for YOU to rise.

Here's the nudge you've been waiting for - ready, set, go!


Sonya has created a manual full of inspiration; The Nudge will help you find your mojo and push you towards your business goals.

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"Sonya will either give you a million bucks or she won’t give you 20 cents."


"Sonya is the boss! She not only builds you up but keeps hounding you until you have met your full potential, she’s the ultimate wing woman"


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
The Nudge Review - Woodie

Such an awesome read! I absolutely loved it. Lots of 'laugh out loud' moments.

The Nudge Review - Donna

Just brought your book from beautiful Heartfill in Burleigh. I have just read it and one of the most inspirational books I have ever read, I am gifting one to my sister and my daughter who struggles with real life and perfection. Thank you so much for being real!

The Nudge Review - Cat

Just finished reading your book. I feel fucking inspired again! Thank you!

The Nudge Review - Luna

I absolutely loved your book, raw and unapologetic yet life affirming and joyous, so inspiring plus so much more. Finished it in about 30-40 minutes and then read it again as I’d read so much of it and thought "but I do that in business and in life also, it’s not just me!" Cheers for writing it all down. Lots of pearls of wisdom in there!

The Nudge Review - Helen

Hi beautiful Sonya I just purchased and read your book The Nudge (so excited it was signed by you) from a shop called Facebar in Devonport Tasmania. It was one of the best books I have ever read to be honest and I am a book nerd. I work in mental health in a residential facility helping trauma survivors get their life back on track. I help them develop self esteem and purpose and this is my passion. I previously worked in the corporate world. I am a survivor myself that has fought hard to still be on this earth and raise my daughter, the love of my life. I am sunshine in my participants lives, I love life and I am vulnerable and human. I smile every day and show up. I am fearless yet shaking inside at the same time. Whilst I don’t have a product, I resonate with your book because I am the product and your book really showed me that this is the case with everyone and everything. Thankyou so much for your beautiful down to earth style, your vulnerability and determination, And reiterating what I knew, that to be honest and trust your gut is the most important life learning. I knew this however haven’t been able to find it in print in such a beautiful manner until your book. The shop called Facebar where I purchased the book has the same values. Carla Pizzarani who runs it is a happening, constantly evolving business owner that is true to herself, her staff and her customers and it is so fitting she had this book on her shelf when she actually sells products not books. Facebar sells your product, they are incredible. They are in Instagram if you want to look them up. I am so sorry for this long winded messy message, I am open and love telling people how they touched me in some way. Your story did that, I am about to post it to my daughter for her PT business. It’s not about the product, it’s the integrity, your lesson. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou !!!! And congratulations.