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Everyday we ask ourselves “who can we help?” Whether it’s going to Romania to rescue a mother and her children or paying for a dog to have an operation, we get excited by being givers. We have a menagerie of charities, causes and people we lift up, because nothing compares to love.

Miracle Made Foundation

  • Our charity, is a grassroots not-for-profit movement.

  • Currently we have five products in our range where all the proceeds go toward making direct change in our community; our Hand and Nail Cream, Table Runner and three different designs of oversized tea towels custom designed in house.

  • Currently all proceeds and donations are going to victims of Domestic Violence, the homeless and our Palliative Care Comfort Boxes being delivered to Hospitals.

  • We have zero fees and administrative costs. Sonya honours every dollar given and ensures it has the greatest impact possible.

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Sonya was driving home from work the other day and on the four lane highway she spotted an elderly lady sitting on her walker dangerously close to the oncoming cars and trucks.

She looked so fatigued and frail. No one was stopping. 

She immediately turned around. Turns out she had been to the hospital and was trying to walk home about 6kms in the heat. She was so dehydrated, she didn't have any water, and was walking in the hot QLD sun. And on the highway of all places!

 Sonya took her home. She’s seen a lot of things, but nothing like this. She had no toilet, no shower, no food. You would have cried if you saw her bed. 

The disturbing thing was, this was one of the wealthiest suburbs on the Gold Coast. Did the neighbours not notice? The hospital didn't ask how she was getting home? 

Our current Miracle Made project is now going to provide support to this lady. We're getting her a shower, toilet, and washing machine, and sending in our team every week to make sure she has food, a clean home, and check on her. We don't know how much longer she has left, but we want to provide some comfort for her. Everybody matters. 

So please, don't mind your own business!


Meet Bill….Bill has slept on the streets and concrete for 9 years and is a humble kind, gentle man who just turned 60! We were touched by his story and wanted to help put a roof over his head so we purchased him a van and renovated the inside so he could be comfortable in his new home ❤️

The van has solar panels, a sink, a divine bed, cook top, storage and a little book shelf as Bill loves to read. He spends his days in the library reading. 

Have you ever met someone that brings a presence of light, calm and happiness when they appear?

For us it’s Bill. When he turns up at our HQ for a chat or to bring news it spreads through all departments and we all carry his magic for the rest of the week.

Bill recently came to let us know he has a full time job and is toasty and warm this winter sleeping in his van. It’s a bitter winter in Oz and he said his bones would ache from the cold cement and the freezing winds.

He speaks of good things, the small pleasures that bring a smile to his face. Humility and gentleness ooze from him.

Please be that person that smiles at those living on the streets or perhaps offers the warm blanket, or jacket. Heart lead with action.

 Update*: Our mate Bill is now living in our care takers room. After some agro guy tried to kick the vans door in, we knew it’s too unsafe parking on the streets. Bill works 6 days a week as a cleaner and still has his van. Everyone at work loves him. A man of integrity. A little luxury like A/C, a warm shower and a toilet is bringing a huge smile to Bill’s face. He hasn’t allowed himself to go into a deep sleep for 10 years living on the streets. I pray tonight he sleeps the sweetest dreams and isn’t too overwhelmed by us! Look out for those sleeping rough. 💜


Miracle made was on the ground in Lismore and we did everything in our power to help.

We supplied clean water, food, cold drinks, a smile and words of encouragement. It didn’t seem enough but it was all we had. We drove through the streets calling out to everyone we could find and that was when we met a solo mum with her 2 kids.

They lost everything. EVERYTHING! Not even a sock left. She didn’t have insurance. Her home was completely gutted.

Our charity completely restored their home! We got on the ground and rebuilt and refurnished along with our friend’s help, Kylie from @adeptstudio and Kellie @emporiumonjames. In less than 3 months, she was able to move back to her new home!

We received a beautiful message from Donna (name changed):

“Thank you Sonya ❤️ You are so right about the gold that was waiting for us! Today has been hard, I have struggled with feelings of ‘survivor guilt’ and wondering why me?? I feel incredibly indebted to you, Kylie and Kellie for giving my family the biggest miracle possible. I wish I could give something back.

I will never forget the feeling of the first night sleeping in my own bed in my beautiful new home, the first coffee I made in my new kitchen or seeing the weight lift from my children’s shoulders knowing they were home and everything was going to be ok. I can never thank you enough. xx”

Messages like this makes it all worth it. Sonya says that this project was one of the greatest gifts of her life! And this is what our grassroots charity is all about. Getting on the ground and getting it done! 💪🏼

Thank you for all your donations. Projects like this would not be possible without your help! 💚


Do you know the story behind theses boxes?

Last year our founder Sonya helped a homeless man named Rob and his dog. Unbeknownst to either of them at the time, Rob had terminal cancer.

From the many weeks that Sonya sat by Rob’s bed in palliative care, she found that he was often cold and the firm pillows hurt his now bony head.

She purchased him a super soft blanket and soft pillow to help make him just that little bit more comfortable.

Because of this experience, Sonya has made palliative care boxes, containing a plush blanket, soft pillow, a Turkish delight (Rob’s favourite) and a couple of little extras, to provide a little bit of comfort during this very difficult time.


A couple of times in your lifetime you actually truly meet somebody that it worth their weight in gold. Simone has laid down her life and taken up a heavy load of grief, pain and roadblocks to help women, children and pets escaping from domestic violence. She got herself into extreme debt and sacrificed everything for others. We are proud to support The Sanctuary Refuge in many different ways @thesanctuaryrefuge


A Family of 7 were found sleeping on a sidewalk. They had no house, no food or access to education. This beautiful family now have monthly food bills paid for, a house and education. Providing education, health care and basic nutrition is helping to break generations of poverty!


Saral is a literally an earth angel. Think Mother Teresa. He’s the founder of The Miracle School. A school that offers free education and meals to those that can’t afford it. Everyday he goes to the dump to feed the hungry dogs. During Covid in New Delhi he set up many feeding stations. The list goes on and on. If you ever fall on hard times you get a message from Saral and instantly your spirit feels alive. We support The Miracle School and we also pay for food and shelter for some of his friends, so he can continue to educate, feed and look after those most in crisis.

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