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Facial cleanser

This seems a very watery product and I am 60 years old so I wasn't expecting a lot.
It's excellent !!!
I spend a good minute massaging in just one pumpfull over my face and neck in the shower and rinse off....
No tightness. Just smooth soft skin.

Body lotion

A little goes a long way. This really works on my scaley lower legs. Amazing ! and I love that it's natural.
Would give it 5 stars except that for me personally I like to smell delicious after moisturizing after a shower, and this is unscented. If you don't want fragrance, then you will love it. Definitely an amazing moisture lotion.

Hi Julie, so happy that you're loving your Coconut Body Milk! We don't use any synthetic fragrances in our formulations so we instead let the natural, subtle scent of our ingredients shine through :)


Absolutely amazing! You can tell this skincare is formulated with wonderful products. I have sensitive acne prone skin and due to COVID and all the mask wearing my skin has been flaring up big time. This skincare has done wonders for my skin, I have been searching so long for my holy grail and I found it!!!! Couldn’t be happier, thanks so much team.

Acai Exfoliator

When I first tried it, it did feel rough to what I've been used to but it did certainly leave skin feeling smooth and clean. But what I love about this is how the product continues to work magic after washing it off. I find that most exfoliating face washes tend to leave skin feeling quite tight and dry afterwards but this left my skin feeling moisturized!

Hi Faith, I'm so happy to hear that you're loving your Acai Exfoliator! If you want it to be a bit more gentle, try applying it to wet skin :)

Glory Oil
Faith Koh
Glory Oil - LIQUID GOLD!

I've been on the hunt for something that would aid my skin against aging, reduce blemishes and keep skin hydrated. Personally, I prefer to use as minimal as possible especially if leaving it on overnight. Decided to try glory oil and it's been the best decision I ever made for my skin. I love that it does everything my skin needs and the best part for me is it's all in the one bottle making skin routine soo much easier. During the first week of use, my skin looked and felt soft and hydrated in the morning. Noticeably my skin tone also looked more even with continued use. I've also been using this on a burn scar I've had for many years and the scar has faded and improved the appearance of it. Added bonus is that all the ingredients are natural. It's hands down the BEST oil in the market! Delivery to NZ was quick, received it within 2 days. Thank you for being the best!!

Eye Compost
Meghan Anderson
Wonderfull product...but never in stock

I have very sensitive skin especially around my eyes. This product is so calming to the morning bags, and even noticed a reduction in the fine lines. It is a had product to fall in love with as its almost never in stock. I bought my first bottle in January and it hasn't been available since, but have been notified on many occasions it will be in stock soon.......

Hi Meghan, so glad to hear that you're enjoying your Eye Compost! This product should be back in stock soon, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials and newsletters :)


Coconut body milk is a beautiful product, and I can say my skin hasn't felt this good for a long while.

The shine bright bundle.

Got this bundle for my partner. She absolutely loves the product. I also like that all the smells of the product smell natural and don't give me headaches. Will definitely be using these products again. Highly recommend to any body else.
Cheers from New Zealand.

Glory Oil
Rangi Kaa

What can one say about Glory oil that 97% of user's haven't already said. I originally brought it after reading the reviews, I thought to myself why not give it a try and let me tell you I am mighty happy that I have introduce Glory oil into my self care. Love love love it and although the smell it not to everyone's taste I happen to love it, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is willing to give it a try❤️

Love love love this product. I originally brought it for my heels they were cracked, but now after using this product my heels a looking a lot healthier

Fabulous lotion added glory oil, restored my dry skin. Silky skin now.

Best product ever

After a long hot dry summer, my skin was looking like it needed a pick me up.
The Coconut Body Milk was the perfect product to add some extra nourishment to restore its moisture and hydration levels.
Highly recommended!

Great moisturizer, would recommend this to everyone.

Coconut Body Milk
Sandra Davy
Coconut Butter Milk

Absolutely best Moisturizer I have ever used and my skin loves it, great for heals etc

Face Tan Water
Truusje matthews
No noticeable effect

I used this every day for a week and could not see any difference at all unfortunately

Hi Truusje, thanks for your feedback! Our Face Tan Water provides a gradual, natural tan that builds with each application. If you're not developing the colour you'd like, make sure you're exfoliating no sooner than 48hrs prior to tanning and aren't applying any serums or moisturisers directly before or after you tan :) Try this and see how you go!

Super Citrus Cleanser
Jenny Barrett

Love this fresh smelling cleanser, makes my skin feel clean and revived. It’s also a great way to remove your makeup!

Coconut Body Milk
Jenny Barrett

This has to be the best moisturiser I have ever used. It’s very rich and creamy and a little goes a long way! It leaves your skin feeling so soft.
Great for dry skin from lots of summer sun 🌞

Another delicious product

I am in love with the smell, feel and power of these products. My skin feels nourished afterwards.
I will definitely be buying more.

Glory Oil
Sarah Holmes
Glory oil? Wonder oil!

I had a bunionectomy in December 2021. After 6 weeks in a cast I was pretty sad to see the scar left behind but had purchased glory oil after trawling other reviews and I’m so glad I did! Fast-forward to March and my scar is near invisible. In fact you really need to be looking to even see it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Wish I could share a before and after photo!

Coconut Body Milk
Shelley King
Coconut Body Milk

Fabulous quick service to go with the fabulous product. My skin is enjoying this great moisturizer over this hot summer…will def reorder x

Very natural looking tan

This is the most natural looking tan I have come across, I always get compliments and people are always shocked to hear it is fake tan I use!
You do have to be careful with applying/know how to apply correctly as it is an invisible tan when applying, however I have never had an issue with using it with a mitt.
I am usually allergic to most fake tans (become very itchy), but this product I am not at all!!

Coconut Body Milk
Katie Thomas
THE best moisturiser for skin issues/sensitive skin

This is the only moisturiser my legs do not react to. I had been on medication for quite some time for my very itchy and sensitive skin, I was allergic to nearly every moisturiser I tried.
I decided to try this product (I knew about it as I had been getting the face tan water for years) and wow this product instantly fixed my skin, I had no reaction to it and my itchiness completely went!! Amazing, have been using it for over a year now, and I will never go back to any other moisturiser! Thank you 😊

The best

I use this everyday as part of my routine it’s super light I will never use anything else!


My partner and I LOVE this deodorant! Been trying to find one that is not just natural but does what a deodorant is supposed to do and I’m so glad I came across this! It really works! The only thing I didn’t like is the formula - it leaves white marks which make a mess and are a bit of a mission to get out… (hence the 4 stars; would’ve loved to have given 5)!

- it would be awesome if there was a roll on or a spray form for this product…!!!

Hi Ananda, we're so happy that you're loving your Lemongrass Deodorant! Here at the office, we always like to apply our deodorant first, allow it to dry slightly and then pop our clothes on for the day.

If you are experiencing some residue left on your clothes, we would recommend using some Napisan to create a paste and applying that to the affected areas. Leave it to sit for a couple of minutes and then wash as normal. :)

Glory Oil
Natasha Smith
Cannot live without!!!!

I never write reviews, ever, but this stuff is like liquid gold, it heals any breakout, it evens skin tone, it lightens/removes scarring, it improves fine lines! There’s really nothing it can’t do! :-) Amazing!!!!