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Divine face mask, the difference in my skin is visible immediately after.


Hands down the best face oil! LOVE


I cannot recommend this enough!! I get compliments all the time on my tan and no one knows it’s fake!! I see someone mentioned their bottle leaked everywhere and mousse was unevenly coloured: I had the same issue which was that I had shaken the bottle and accidentally loosened the lid from the bottle - an easy fix once I re-tightened it and didn’t shake the bottle again :)

Love this product.
My dry skin is so rehydrated and feels amazing. Been searching for years for a product and I can say I have finally found it. xxx

Couldn't be without

Love this product! Keeps my face soft and moisturized. Great for calming down my eczema! Love the fact that I can notice my wrinkles seem to be disappearing! Yes!!!!! My no. 1 skin treatment that I couldn't do without!

Game changer!

This tan is an absolute game changer! Not at all sticky, no transfer onto clothes and develops quick. I am not someone who does all the steps of exfoliating etc and I don’t take huge amounts of care with applying and I had no issues with streaking. When it gradually washes off it comes off nicely - no tiger bread. Love it - 1000/10 recommend.

Great, with two caveats

If I could give this product 4.5 stars, I would. It's perfect in every way except it's impossible to fully wash off (even with soap, even *right* after applying), and it isn't easy to get the right amount on your face. It's a liquid toner (i.e. watery), and using your fingers to apply it isn't very practical because it drips everywhere. Plus the style of the applicator makes it hard to get the drop-by-drop method which would actually work when applying liquid toner with your fingers; as it is, the bottle squirts out several drops at a time. I would either turn this toner into a serum or milk-like product, or provide gloves and advise (reusable?) cotton rounds to go with it. I'll keep using it in the meantime though because this toner truly does moisturise and tan my skin in such a beautiful way.

HI Lacy, apply with our buffing and blending brush from our vegan brush collection. It will give you a flawless application and you won't need to use your fingers. x

Effective, but bad smell & doesn't come off hands

This lotion does provide a nice gradual tan and moisturises the skin well. However, it has a sickeningly sweet smell; as glad as I am that it doesn't have "synthetic fragrances", the one it does have puts me off enough so that I won't buy this product again. It also doesn't completely come off my hands no matter how quickly I wash them or how much soap I use; my hands are always a little stained orange the next day. It's not horrible enough to make me feel awkward, but it's semi-noticeable.

Invisible tan great colour and coverage

I’m fairly olive so wasn’t sure what to expect re colour as goes on invisibly, very pleasantly surprised as it was a nourishing creamy texture that had me glowing from a healthy looking tan-few hours later. Also used at night with my pm routine and woke up looking golden, definitely less need for make up so will be mascara and lip tint only from now on as it’s looking natural and just as if I’ve got a great tan!

Not great unfortunately

Terrible bottle, leaks product everywhere especially when your trying to dispense it onto the glove. The foam/mousse comes out unevenly coloured. If by chance you actually get to use it more then once on your whole body, it is a really nice colour but I definitely would not waste my money again on this

Hi Nikita, that is not right at all! We are sorry that this has happened. Please email and we will assist you x

Best of

have been using all different sorts of exfoliating gloves. The eco tan one is the best to take off dead skin. You don't need to use body wash after using this one. Skin becomes smooth immediately. The service eco tan provides as good as usual. 5 Stars.

Love this Oil!

Love this product! My teenage daughter and I both use it. It has been great for her eczema and hormonal skin and has made a huge difference to my rosacea after only a few days. Thanks so much for this little bottle of loveliness.

The best brushes I've ever used

I can't believe how amazing these brushes are! They apply my powder, liquid and cream make-up perfectly and I even use them to apply my Face Tan Water and my face masks. Such incredible quality for a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere, especially since they're made from vegan materials.

Glory Oil Review - Athenee

Thanks for your fantastic product Glory Oil! My daughter had a horrific accident and is covered in scars from surgery. We are amazed at how well your product works. I just felt I needed to say thanks for have such an amazing product


This product is amazing and leave your skin so soft and clean. Highly recommended!

Its made my skin worse

I recently brought the clean skin system pack.. I have only used the product for about 2 weeks it has made my face terrible not only it has dryed my face out to where my skin is flackey but it have given me more break outs than ever before. . I wouldn't recommend this product

Hi Natalie, Make sure you are only exfoliating once a week and using Glory Oil as a treatment once or twice a week. I know when adding new products to my skin care routine it can take a couple of weeks for my skin to adjust. X

Citrus cleanser

Love this cleanser. Leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft. Such a nice smell too.

Stop reading the reviews and add to cart!

These brushes are the best brushes I have ever used! They are sooo soft and so easy to clean! The quality is amazing!
Thank you Eco Tan 🙏

The best quality brushes!

I literally use these makeup brushes every single day! Even when I'm not wearing makeup, there are such amazing staple brushes in this kit like an eyebrow spoolie, the SOFTEST mask brush and I even use the buffing and blending brush to apply my Face Tan Water. Plus the quality is incredible and they're vegan. 10/10

Hello bronzed skin!

I love that this product is all natural, vegan & cruelty free! It means I can get my fortnightly spray tans without worrying what's going on my skin. Plus the colour is incredibly natural but I always feel and look so bronzed and glowy!

Most amazing natural glow!

I love that this product is all natural, vegan & cruelty free! It means I can get my fortnightly spray tans without worrying what's going on my skin. Plus the colour is incredibly natural but I always feel and look so bronzed and glowy!

Such an amazing gift!

I was given this gift for my birthday and I absolutely love it!! The products are incredible and for such an amazing price point, I'll definitely be gifting this to others!

The Perfect Gift!

I bought the Facial Box as a gift for a friend & she absolutely loved it! Beautiful Glory Oil & Face Mask, with a free head band.
So easy to treat yourself at home!


I’ve only been using this for 3weeks I can already is the changes, my acne & stretch marks are already fading away .

Great product ! I love it.

Great product to use for tanning skin and provide best results.