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What the Experts Are Saying About Menopause

What the Experts Are Saying About Menopause

In a nutshell, we are outliving our hormones.

Recently I have been doing massive amounts of research on menopause symptoms and health and looking for new scientific based treatments. What shocked me the most is how outdated the papers and research many of our doctors have. There is so much conflicting information, beliefs and bias. Yet I still have so many questions.

I went to four doctors I hold in great esteem, but they knew very little about menopause and said “don’t worry, it’s a natural part of life” and basically “get on with it”.

I didn’t give up because my gut told me this was bullsh!t and I knew it wasn’t true. I discovered on my search these three experts are all saying the same thing.

I’m so delighted there is a new wave of educated fact based doctors coming through with new research and help. Basically we women need to advocate for ourselves.

Of course you need to do your own research and make the decisions that are right for you. But these experts have incredible podcasts, science based education, and revolutionary books that I highly suggest you check out to make an informed choice.

Dr Louise Newson -GP & Menopause Specialist

"HRT is the first line evidence based treatment for perimenopause and menopause for the majority of women, as it is the most effective treatment to improve symptoms and it can also work to reduce your risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, as well as other diseases."

Source: Things everyone should know about HRT, Louise Newson

Listen to: The Dr Louise Newson Podcast

Kelly Casperson, MD, Urologist

"We have multiple studies showing the safety of both vaginal estrogen which is safe for almost every single person at any age, even if they’re being treated for breast cancer when approved by their oncologist. The 2002 women’s health initiative study has been nearly completely debunked.

In general, everyone needs vaginal estrogen after menopause. It’s like sunscreen, even if you don’t go outside all the time, dermatologists recommend everyone use sunscreen in their skincare routine as a preventative measure."

Source: Blog by Dr. Kelly Casperson

Listen to: Podcast: You Are Not Broken

Mary Claire Haver, MD. OBGYN

"My mission is for women to understand the role of menopause and the loss of their estrogen, their ovarian retirement and how that accelerates some of the diseases we traditionally associate with ageing.

It’s time to re-examine the power of prevention in the menopausal woman. We know that estrogen therapy prevents osteoporosis, and the genito urinary syndrome of menopause, and the data is clear that when given and a specific window of opportunity, it is the best source of prevention for coronary artery disease."

Source: Menopause, Estrogen and Prevention , Dr Mary Claire

To read: The New Menopause by Mary Claire Haver

More resources
Website Wellfemme: Diet and Exercise after perimenopause

Newson Health: evidence based treatment, care and information

How I think about it is if your body is lacking in something, you supplement it. The other part I don’t like about supplementing with bioidentical or HRT is the shame that goes with it. For instance when I told my girlfriends about the research I was doing, some said they had been on it for many years and I didn’t understand why they didn’t say anything, but maybe I am just an oversharer.

So whether or not you supplement your hormones using BHRT or HRT or choose not to go down that path, let’s remove the shame and talk about menopausal women, which over 50% of the population are. We deserve good health.

I AM still figuring out my BHRT routine and I’m more than happy to share when it comes together. An open mind and mind that has the ability to learn and be teachable with an unbiased belief system is all that is required.

Don’t be discouraged when the doctor you’ve had for many years doesn’t have up to date info. Congrats to those who have found someone who does support you in this stage of your life.

Do your research and trust your gut.

I’ve been to a few doctors in the last few months, some saying they specialise in menopause but won’t give you testosterone, others won’t give you oestrogen, they’re all so conflicting and it’s very frustrating.

So it’s great to find a group of individual doctors and specialists that do all agree and that’s why I’ve chosen these ladies. But there’s so much out there, and what I do want you all to know, is as well as supplements (I was very low on vitamin D) all the usual stuff, my cholesterol went up, all the typical menopause symptoms, I had it. Insomnia, vertigo, a belly bigger than a barrel haha.

So there is hope but we do need to dig deep, and there’s a wave of change coming. Unfortunately we all need to advocate for ourselves, but I for one am over the brain fog, anxiety, low mood, weight gain, insomnia, joint pain and feeling like crap.

I don’t know what the answer is, I am still looking for it but let’s open the conversation.

Much love,

Sonya x

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a health professional. I simply recommend you do good research for your own health.

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