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Sonya's Frequently Asked Questions

Sonya's Frequently Asked Questions


Tips on living a happy life?


Understanding you will never be in a constant state of happiness. Not being ashamed of your emotions such as anger. As woman we have been conditioned that it’s a bad look. I say Roar!

Forget balance, that’s another guilt trip.

Live with an open heart and constantly do work on yourself. Get a therapist, deep dive, explore yourself, extend yourself, leave nothing on the table. Be brave.


What’s your favourite thing to do in your downtime?


Sitting on the lounge, legs up, my 3 dogs cuddling me, watching something fab on Netflix etc.


What job would you do if you weren’t doing Eco Tan?


Bloody good question. I’m an entrepreneur so no doubt another business. I have so many great business ideas however I’m only one person. I love to make change. I love to be a forerunner.


Products you’re working on at the moment?


Top secret! You know that.


How do I get rid of bacne?


Our exfoliating glove with Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub. On DRY SKIN. Double cleanse off. Apply Serum of Clear.


Will you make a foundation?



When is the mascara coming?

When I love it.


What’s your favourite product?

At the moment - Serum of Clear.


A book you’d recommend reading?

Anyone in peri menopause or menopause - The New Menopause by Dr Mary Claire and You’re Not Broken by urologist Dr Kelly Casperson


Advice for people starting a business?

Yes read my start up book - The Nudge (currently sold out). Don’t go into debt, that adds stress on you. Surround yourself with the right people. It’s in the pain you will find the gold so keep moving forward when the fails come. Which is most days. Be brave and trust your gut. Check your motivation and integrity, there’s a spiritual law at work.


What are you loving at the moment?


If you’re in Brisbane you must try Hellenika at the Calile. The owner Simon Gloftis truly understands generational cooking. Simple flavours with exquisite produce. Eggplant moussaka is my favourite, with a Greek salad.


The best ever plant based butter is from Bu Deli. Uses raw ingredients and a traditional culturing process, for a rich and creamy, classic butter flavour.


This has been fun. We should meet again soon.

-Sonya x

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