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Ok.... so it’s time for me to overshare...

Ok.... so it’s time for me to overshare...


I recently found out that my little secret is not such a secret after all.

All my life I have found a deep cleansing (spiritually, mentally, physically) in the shower.

I shared this in my book The Nudge - it's where I create my next products! It's also where I get my inspo and for some reason, all my thoughts flow easily and I can either discard them or write them on the shower screen and formulate a plan.

I mentioned my shower thinking to a colleague and she said she does the same thing.  She told her husband she was getting a whiteboard for the shower!

Are you the same? If not, I urge you to try a shower purge.  Here's how I do it....

  1. Shampoo your hair fast and furious. Then apply conditioner and comb it through your hair.  Leave it on and go into a deep peaceful 3 minute meditation
  2. Close your eyes and gently sway under the warm water
  3. Ask yourself what false belief or thought doesn't spark joy? Whatever it is, visualise it going down the drain.
  4. Pay attention to what makes your body feel peace and good. What thoughts or plans come to mind?
  5. Write your list in the steam on the screen...hope you aren't fancy and have some marble stone arch wall without glass!  If not, still write it - you just won't be able to see it.  It's called manifesting!

Anyway, may your shower game be strong and bring you amazing peace and plans.

TIP:  Use my Organic Coconut Mint Body Wash for an incredible zing to your senses while you're doing a shower brainstorm.

Love Soapy Sonya x


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