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Do you really need to use serums?

If you’re new to the world of serums, you might be wondering what the fuss is about. Here’s the low down:

Serums are designed to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients to target specific skin problems.

While cleansers, hydrators and oils are amazing for maintaining the skin and giving it the nourishment it needs, serums are like the big shots you send in to do some serious reparations.

Why do you need serum of plenty?

They often contain powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C which are incredible for reducing pigmentation and targeting fine lines. Our Serum of Plenty is an absolute superstar for evening skin tone, and battling everything from redness to wrinkles. Adding this to your skincare routine will give incredible brightening skin benefits and should be applied everyday for best results.

Why do you need serum of clear?

Our Serum of Clear on the other hand contains a powerful dose of Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid, which are terrific for clearing problem skin. We have customers message us after only two days, saying their skin is clearer already. These are applied before moisturiser and great to add more glow to your skin along with their many other talents.

How do you know if the serum is working?

The best part is, you can actually feel them working. The tingling sensation you get the moment the serums touch your skin is so satisfying when you know it’s the ingredients doing their job! You’re going to want to take a before and after photo, because you’ll be stunned by the difference.

At what age should I use serums?

Whether you’re 16 or 120, yes you need to use a serum!

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