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Clean Beauty To Me Is...

Clean Beauty To Me Is...


So what is Australian Clean Beauty to me..

I suppose everybody has a different level of clean beauty... I get so frustrated when I see the so called 'clean beauty’ out there where the first ingredient is water and the last ingredients are synthetic, preservatives, fillers and plastics.

Another important key is having clean and ACTIVE ingredients! Active ingredients means the formulation is created to target a certain skin concern. For example, acne prone skin would need to use products that have ingredients that have been scientifically proven to improve that skin condition. Basically, in a nut shell active ingredients actually DO SOMETHING. No point having a pretty smelling lotion that does nothing! 

In terms of our packaging, most of our packaging is now PCR (Post Consumer Recyclable). Which means we are packing our products in tubes, using recycled materials and sugar cane pulp. It's everything from packaging to reducing carbon emissions and being carbon neutral. It’s all of the environmental factors as well as the ingredients. 

To me, it’s a combination of everything. 

It’s also how the company operates and the culture within the company. Make sure kindness is your number one foundation. Kindness isn’t a weakness; it isn’t soft and fluffy. Kindness is having the guts to stand up for those who don’t have a voice for themselves. 

Clean Beauty to me is:




We’re not perfect but we’re trying our hardest and we’re moving forward in that direction so, we don’t contain any synthetics, no GMOs, no animal testing and cruelty free. Also, we don’t sell products in areas that are going to test our products on animals. So many people are 'cruelty free’. They say they’re cruelty free but yet they sell into territories that are going to test their products on animals! So I call bullshit people – bullshit!

Do your research! As I said, we’re not claiming to be perfect but we’re really trying in all areas and if we find an area that we have fault in, we address it.

 That’s what Australian Clean Beauty means to me.

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