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Are you feeling like you're in a bit of a funk? Take what you need

Are you feeling like you're in a bit of a funk? Take what you need


Seems like everywhere I turn there’s a burnt out friend, or someone who hasn’t had a good night’s rest in ages. If you’re also in the same boat of feeling tired from life but can’t point to the cause of it, here are some little pearls of wisdom.

Take what you need:

1. Intuition - you always know

It’s a friend or family member that you may possibly love. However notice how your body and mind feels when you are around them, and when you leave their presence. It’s a true telling sign for me. Trust how that energy makes you feel.

2. Perfectionism is a trap

Do not be paralysed by the pursuit of perfection. It doesn’t exist, and it will slow you down. Push forward as fast and as hard as you can. It’s not who is the smartest or the best, it’s actually who can move the fastest.

3. Get moving!

The chemicals that produce calm and happiness don’t really appear when I sit on the lounge and watch a series. I’m rather pissed about that. In fact, I did just that last weekend and honestly, I tossed and turned all night. It was like my body was saying “bullshit you’re having a good sleep, you haven’t used me all day. Get up you lazy bitch!” I need oxygen pumping through my blood and to move my muscles. Your brain will thank you. 

4. Keep your standards high

People sense them. From the movie Thelma and Louise, you only get what you settle for, or as Oprah says… Teach people how to treat you. 

5. Breathe

Take a breath and know everything will be ok, don’t believe the dark thoughts that come to terrorise you. You are worthy and smart. No one can take your place on Earth.

Sonya x

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